Individuals, Credit Unions Recognized During Association’s Annual Meeting & Convention


Individuals, Credit Unions Recognized During Association's Annual Meeting & Convention Biloxi, MS (05/18/23) - - The Mississippi Credit Union Association, the trade association for credit unions in Mississippi, was pleased to recognize its member credit unions and their individuals for their achievements.  Recognition and awards that were part [...]

Individuals, Credit Unions Recognized During Association’s Annual Meeting & Convention2023-05-23T09:38:11-05:00

MSCUA Elects Board of Directors


Mississippi Credit Union Association Elects Board 05/18/23 (Biloxi, MS) — The membership of the Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA) has elected its board of directors. The twelve-member MSCUA Board represents the association’s sixty-six member credit unions in Mississippi that provide financial services to more than 700,000 consumers. Four [...]

MSCUA Elects Board of Directors2023-05-23T16:26:08-05:00

MS Credit Unions Recognized for Credit Union Advocacy


Mississippi Credit Unions Recognized for Advocacy Support Biloxi, MS (05/18/23) — Sixteen Mississippi credit unions were recognized for their efforts to actively promote and advocate on behalf of credit unions and for their [...]

MS Credit Unions Recognized for Credit Union Advocacy2023-05-23T15:01:07-05:00

MSCUA recognizes CU Anniversaries


MSCUA Recognizes Credit Union's Milestone Anniversaries, Charitable Fundraising Biloxi, MS (05/18/23) — During the 2023 Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA) Annual Meeting, MSCUA was pleased to recognize our member credit union’s decades of service to their members. Recognized for its 75th anniversary: Healthplus Federal Credit Union (Jackson, MS) Treasury [...]

MSCUA recognizes CU Anniversaries2023-05-23T09:23:32-05:00

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