Exhibit Hall Quick Reference Guide

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45 – 3131 Media Solutions
05 – 7 Mortgage
33 – Accolade Investment Advisory, LLC
32 – ACUSI
28 – Advantage, Powered by JMFA*
54 – Allied Solutions
01 – AssureGuard by Protective
49 – Aurora Advantage Powered by CSPI
50 – Auto Exam/Vision Warranty
12 – Bank-Tec South
53 – BaumTech
20 – Children’s of Mississippi/Credit Unions for Kids
26 – Corporate America
25 – Corporate America – Shoe Shine Ronald
34 – Corporate One
41 – Credit Union Acceptance Company (CUAC)
09 – Diebold Nixdorf

48 – Dolphin Debit Access
06 – eDOC Innovations
12 – Eltropy*
23 – Envisant*
08 – Equifax/Confluent Strategies
46 – Evans, Simpson & Associates, Inc.
11 – FEDCorp Integrated Solutions
02 – Federal Protection, Inc.
21 – Financial Standards Group
03 – Flex
14 – Howard Technology Solutions
07 – IWS
51 – Keeley Companies
29 – Leverage*
31 – Member First Mortgage
24 – Motivosity*
30 – MRS Mail Express
37 – Mississippi Credit Union Association

42 – Multi-Bank Securities, Inc.
22 – National Assoc. of Credit Union Chairs
47 – National Cooperative Bank
13 – Pace Setting Strategies
40 – Pinnacle Financial Strategies
10 – Quality Data Systems
52 – Ross & Yerger
04 – Route 66 Extended Warranty
43 – Sharetec System
44 – Shazam
27 – Strategic Resource Management*
39 – Symphony
35 – Trellance*
36 – TruStage*
55 – UBS Financial Services
38 – Volunteer Corporate

Trade Show Exhibitor Directory

7 Mortgage serves to bridge the gap for mortgage requests that credit unions are unable to offer to their members. As a CUSO and employees of our parent company, ORNL FCU, we are truly credit union people helping credit union people

AJ Holst |aholst@7.coop | 865-254-4495

Accolade Advisory strengthens credit unions by providing financial advice and tools. We offer reporting tools to provide insight, knowledgeable staff to facilitate asset and liability committee (ALCO) meetings, and dedicated investment advisers to provide portfolio management.

Ethan Rhinehart | erhinehart@accoladeadvisor.com | (614) 704-0870

ACUSI offers a full-service indirect lending program designed for credit unions that need personnel or expertise to complete their indirect program. We provide dealer representation, loan decisioning, and a complete funding department.

Joe Hardy | jhardy@acusi.com | 205-238-1805

ADVANTAGE, powered by JMFA, empowers credit unions with growth-focused solutions, including overdraft strategy and compliance consulting, account acquisition programs, vendor contract negotiations, enhancing digital capabilities, and improving operational efficiencies.

Waid Thompson | info@jmfa.com |800-809-2307

Allied Solutions is one of the largest providers of insurance, lending, risk management, and data‐driven solutions to financial institutions in the US.

Doug Frawley | doug.frawley@alliedsolutions.net | 706-340-2515

Protective Asset Protection has been protecting vehicle owners for more than 60 years. Our protection products provide opportunities to drive member satisfaction and retention. We support our credit union partners with industry-leading training, business development, marketing and customizable incentive program solutions. Let’s work together to better protect your members.

Richard Conley | richard.conley@protective.com | 901-218-9373

Aurora Advantage is a NextGen cloud-based core software solution providing an omnichannel experience by seamlessly integrating Core, Online Account Opening & Lending, Digital & Mobile Banking, and Document Management.

Emily Twillman | etwillman@cspiinc.com |573.556.3251

BTS was founded in 1987 to provide quality service at a reasonable price to local Financial institutions. BTS has grown to meet the needs of Financial Institutions across seven states.

BTS offers a full range of products across multiple industries including FI, retail, schools government facilities.

Walt Davis | waltdavis@bank-tecsouth.com | 318-453-3809

Mississippi’s only children’s hospital. A Children’s Miracle Network/Credit Unions for Kids participating hospital.

Rebecca Neely | rneely@umc.edu

Welcome to Corporate America Credit Union Where Different Starts Here!

We are different. We think differently, act differently, and treat our members differently. At Corporate America we combine a humble, friendly approach to business offerings aimed to help your institution thrive.

We are here to serve you and truly believe in our “”WHY”” statement: TO COLLABORATE AND EASE BURDENS SO CREDIT UNIONS THRIVE!”

Kevin Ford | kford@corpam.org | 205-515-8988

Corporate One leads the way in providing premier investment, funding, and payment solutions, elevating and empowering credit unions to fuel their members’ financial success. Corporate One also offers competitive services through its CUSOs, Accolade Investment Advisory and Lucro Commercial Solutions, for the benefit of credit unions nationwide.

Donna Williams | dwilliams@corporateone.coop | 614-825-9360

CUAC is the nation’s leader in indirect lending solutions for credit unions.

Kurt Howard | khoward@cuac.com | 281-731-4821

Diebold Nixdorf is a leader in enabling connected commerce consumers. DN delivers unparalleled solutions that are essential to evolve in an ‘always on’ environment.

Kevin White | kevin.white@dieboldnixdorf.com | 704.905.4216

eDOC Innovations is a digital transaction management and eCommerce CUSO. eDOC provides eDOCSignature, an e-Sign solution for credit unions as well as check solutions including Positive Pay.

Alyza McKeighan | amckeighan@edoclogic.com | 802-779-8917

Eltropy’s AI-driven digital conversations platform gives community financial institutions (CFIs) the power to connect with their members anytime, anywhere.

Mark Johnson | mark@eltropy.com | 206-979-4294

Envisant, a CUSO with proven results for payment strategies, applies incomparable expertise to the counsel, products and services we offer credit unions to help them see success.

Mark Hamer | mark.hamer@envisant.com | 630.45.2927

Confluentstrategies.com Confluent Strategies is proud to represent Equifax to more than 2,000 unique partners in markets across more than 16 states. We serve our partners by combining Equifax’s position as the global market leader for consumer, commercial, mortgage, and employment data and solutions with our unique know-how to deliver effective solutions, knowledgeable consultations, and actionable insights.

Belinda Morales | bmorales@confluentstrategies.com | (225)978-3280

ESA provides quality insurance products, loan tracking and financial solutions for credit unions. Our offerings include creditor placed collateral, mortgage and flood insurance; GAP; and mortgage lending solutions. Learn why leading credit unions have partnered with ESA for over 50 years. Visit www.evans-simpson.com today.

Mark Fucci | mfucci@evans-simpson.com | 205-533-2228

FEDCorp has been a leading provider of financial services including ATM outsourcing, sales, and service for 25 years. We sell and service a full range of financial and security equipment. Security systems can be custom tailored to the specific needs of the client. Our partners include: NCR, March Networks, DMP, Triton Industries, Fortis, Verint, American Vault, Hamilton Safe, Verkada, Invosolutions, Eagle Eye Networks, CIMA, LIDIX, and Scan Coin.

Robert P. Weaver | robertw@fedcorpatm.com | (251) 605-7511
Chip Watkins | Chipw@fedcorpatm.com | (601) 317-2134
Bill Riley | Billr@fedcorpatm.com | (901) 277-5831

Full service Banking equipment and secure provider.

Larry Carruth | Lcarruth@federalprotection.com | 800.299.5400

Financial Standards Group, Inc. (FSG) and CPA LLC is a company whose sole purpose is to provide the finest quality auditing services available to the credit union system at the most competitive price possible. Our goal is to bring superior auditing services within the reach of all credit unions, not just those with the financial resources to afford expensive external audits.

LaKesha Lewis Dixon | ldixon@financialstandardsgroup.com | 601-862-3771

FLEX now serves over 250 credit unions in 46 states including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Eastern Caribbean. The company enjoys established relationships with all regulatory agencies, corporate credit unions, and major industry partners. In recent years, credit union industry personnel ranked FLEX first among competing core vendors for customer satisfaction.

Lori Tuyo | lori@flexcutech.com | 800-262-3539

We provide customers with cutting-edge technology solutions, from computers and servers to digital signage and payment kiosks. We also provide professional installations services and IT support services.

Landon Bullock | lbullock@howard.com | 601.549.3620

IWS Group protects credit union members with vehicle protection products: Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). IWS delivers non-interest income for the credit union, protection for the member and a great member experience.

Elizabeth Noelk | enoelk@iwsgroup.com | 800.333.3028

We are a proud Plan | Design | Build firm offering the complete experience for financial institutions. We believe in relationships based on culture, not simply transitions.

Thomas Mooney | tmooney@keeleyconstruction.com | 314.421.5933

LEVERAGE is an industry leader in delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of financial institutions. From operational tools that enable heightened productivity and promotional strategies that foster growth to cooperative resources that ease product breadth, LEVERAGE provides sophisticated solutions to solve your most complex business problems.

Karen Frazee | karen.frazee@myleverage.com | 850.545.4825

Partner with Member First Mortgage (MFM) and customize your CU’s experience with multiple Affiliate, Wholesale, and Correspondent partnership options available to fit your CU’s unique needs. Visit www.discoverMFM.com to learn more!

Jim Dymek | jim.dymek@memberfirstmortgage.com | 470.412.5557

Motivosity is the Employee Recognition Platform built to unify companies, keep your people happy and engaged, and retain them longer.

Stephen Jolley | marketing@motivosity.com | 801-758-7188

MRS Mail Express provides cost-effective, no-contract, statement and tax document processing services (print/mail/e-statements/e-payments) for Mississippi Credit Unions. We are HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 certified, owned and operated by TEC of Jackson, MS.

Joe Austin | jaustin@tec.com | 662-701-8636

Our Mission: Advocating Mississippi Credit Unions’ Success. MSCUA connects credit unions and their professionals and volunteers with peers, legislators, and consumers through activities that include: advocacy, compliance, education/training, consulting/planning, information, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.


MBS is a veteran-owned, fixed-income securities broker-dealer that has been serving credit unions nationwide since 1988. We offer a proprietary online investment and funding platform, eConnectDirect®.

Greg Pagans | gpagans@mbssecurities.com | (866) 330-0859

Our Mission: To foster dynamic collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and leadership excellence among credit union board leaders. To promote innovation, best practices in governance, provide resources, education, and networking opportunities. To inspire and empower sustainable growth, ensuring a positive impact on members and communities.


National Cooperative Bank provides cooperative banking solutions for credit unions nationwide. Products and service include correspondent banking, deposits and lending solutions. Learn more about our fee-free program for qualified mission focused credit unions.

Art Wood | awood@ncb.coop | (954) 551-6053

Pace Setting Strategies provides expert Fractional Compliance, IT, and Marketing services, alongside Risk Assessments, Compliance Training, and Strategic Planning to drive business growth and operational excellence.

Wendy Pace | WendyPace@pacesettingstrategies.com | 770-240-4851

Pinnacle Financial Strategies creates and implements solutions that elevate the value proposition for credit unions nationwide. As a leader in the fintech arena, our Overdraft Compliance, Mystery Shopping and Frontline Sales Training ensure that the member’s experience at your credit union is a positive one.

Michael Brascom | michael.brascom@pinnstrat.com | 713.868.3333

Financial services must harness the power of connections to transform and grow while meeting their customers’ growing expectations. Our team of industry leaders bring fresh thinking and knowledge of financial institutions and risk management to our clients.

Travis Clayton | tclayton@rossandyerger.com | 601-944-0967

Route 66 has over 35 years of experience with a local representative and a plan for every vehicle, let us help you increase your fee income and protect both your investments and members.

Yusef Adas | yusef.adas@route66warranty.com | 800.808.0828

Sharetec is an innovative core processing company explicitly geared toward supporting the growth and prosperity of credit unions. With steady growth since its inception in 1993, it now serves nearly 300 credit unions across the United States, U.S. territories, and the Caribbean.

Carrie Heck | check@sharetec.com | 800.430.5120

SHAZAM’s the only nationwide independent, member-owned debit network, processor and core provider supporting community banks and credit unions. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Iowa, we’re a leader in payments and financial technology, with a simple mission: Strengthening financial institutions.

Rob Buchanan | rbuchan@shazam.net | 800-537-5427

For 30+ years, SRM has delivered billions in contract negotiation savings to credit unions across payments, core and online banking, digital assets, and general operations.

Mary Casler | mcasler@srmcorp.com | 682.386.3919

As a wholly owned CUSO of VolCorp, Symphony offers guidance to credit unions in critical areas such as Business Continuity Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Information Security, Supervisory Committee Audits, and many other consultative services. Symphony navigates the hurdles of operating a credit union so you don’t have to — transforming organizations that inspire success.

Christina Adkison | cadkison@volcorp.org | 800-470-3444, Option 8

Trellance is a technology partner for credit unions offering analytics, cloud and talent solutions. Trellance ensures that credit unions have access to the latest generation of fintech solutions. Visit Trellance.com.

Aaron Grossman | agrossman@trellance.com | (888) 930-2728

TruStage is a financially strong insurance, financial technology and investment company. The company offers commercial, personal insurance products; lending solutions; retirement, investment, data and analytics and marketing services.

Donna Dyer-Bischoff | Donna.Dyer-Bischoff@cunamutual.com

The Credit Union Advisory Group at UBS, managing over $5.5 billion in assets, offers a complete range of investment products beyond UBS through our open architecture. These include, but not limited to – government agencies, certificates of deposit, mortgage-backed securities and municipal securities. Clients can access customized reporting, liquidity solutions, 24/7 online research, asset management and safekeeping all with no fees. We have been providing relevant insights and timely solutions to credit unions for over 30 years. Gary Tantleff, Managing Director has been recognized as one of Barron’s Top 1,200 financial advisors and the #1 Advisor in New Jersey in 2013-2014 and 2016-2022.

Gary Tantleff | getantleff@bloomberg.net | 877-269-1776

VolCorp, a corporate credit union headquartered in Nashville, TN, equips credit unions with competitive products and services, including leading payment solutions, diverse investment products, and consulting services.

Dale Goode | dgoode@volcorp.org | 800-470-3444, ext 7951