Leadership – Engagement – Action – Development

Questions? Email LEAD: lead@mscua.com


Eligible applicants should be nominated/approved by their CEO or a member of senior management, have at least 12 months of credit union experience, be age 40 or younger, and be excited to actively engage in the LEAD meetings and activities!

LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development) Mississippi is a program aimed at the development of Mississippi’s future credit union leaders. At its core, LEAD is a mentoring & networking opportunity that helps career-minded young credit union professionals discover their leadership potential & cultivate enthusiasm for serving and leading their credit union, co-workers, and community.

The LEAD program’s target participants are emerging credit union leaders age 40 and younger. The program was developed and is led by professionals in the Mississippi credit union movement who are passionate about credit unions and the nurturing of future leaders within the movement.

LEAD will engage its career-oriented team members in developing their leadership, networking, and community awareness skills. Members are expected to “feel passionate & empowered by the credit union movement,” have a strong desire to develop their leadership skills, and embrace the “value of coaching, mentoring, and being an advocate” to those they lead.

Through mentoring, networking, and peer support, LEAD is a forum for the development of future credit union leaders in the state of Mississippi.

The time commitment required is approximately four in-person days: a kick-off meeting (1st Quarter), the MSCUA Annual Meeting (May), a community service day, which individuals conduct locally (October), and a wrap-up meeting which includes a brief presentation from each participant (4th Quarter). Virtual check-ins/gatherings will be held about once a month. Some activities may take place after hours or on weekends.  The monetary commitment includes travel expenses.


“We Actively Develop Credit Union Leaders.”

By: Engaging young career-oriented credit union team members in actively developing their leadership, networking, and community awareness skills through concentrated professional development.


Nominations/Applications for 2024 are closed.