During Crisis, Mississippi Credit Unions Continue to Provide Essential Financial Services, Implement Assistance Programs

Jackson, MS, April 7, 2020 – The credit unions of Mississippi are open for business. They remain strong during this health crisis and have taken the steps necessary to continue to provide essential financial services.

To support the nation’s public health efforts to combat the COVID-19 virus, credit unions have modified their operations to accommodate enhanced sanitization measures and social distancing strategies. Still, they are maintaining consumer access to vital financial services through extended drive-thru and call center hours and a wide array of remote and mobile solutions.

Credit unions also understand that people still need to take care of loved ones, put food on the table, and keep the electricity running. That’s why many credit unions have implemented new programs like emergency loans and deferred loan payments specifically designed to assist members in bridging the gap through the worst of the crisis.

“The coronavirus has changed much, if not all, of our day-to-day lives for the time being,” said Charles Elliott, President/CEO of the Mississippi Credit Union Association, the trade association for credit unions in Mississippi. “Credit unions understand this a time of great uncertainty for many people. They are ready and willing to work to the best of their ability with individuals who may be facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.”

Financial services offered and qualifications for hardship programs are unique at each credit union, so consumers are encouraged to contact their credit union for details.

Money is safe with Mississippi credit unions, and accounts are fully insured by the National Credit Union Administration, a government agency, up to $250,000. Credit unions are financial cooperatives that provide financial products and services. Find a credit union at yourmoneyfurther.com/cu-finder or mscua.com.

About the Mississippi Credit Union Association
The Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA) is the state trade association for 70 credit unions in Mississippi that provide financial services to more than 670,000 consumers. MSCUA advances its mission of Advocating Mississippi Credit Unions’ Success by being a premier source of advocacy, collaboration, and knowledge for its member credit unions.

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